What is URBN Technology ?

We Fix Problems


Web/Mobile Technology

We get to know your business first, work with you on the design, and give you a prototype for what you can expect from us before we even start writing code. Once you have approved the prototype, we start coding, then testing, and finally launching your app.

Web Scraping

We know web technology and how to scrape data. We provide our customers with the most accurate, efficient, and cost effective way to obtain and analyze data. We can help extract product lists, customer reviews, sales leads, and pretty much any given data.

IT Security

We understand the importance of security and have dealt with hackers for our clients. Our comprehensive penetration testing services will detail every hole in your security as well as how to fix them so they are not a problem. We also provide source code audits to find any security weaknesses.

Computer/Cell Forensics

Our analysis experts are able to do password recovery/removal, data decryption, computer usage, database, and much more on both computers and cell phones! Contact us below about your problem and we'll help fix it for you.

Motion/Camera Technology

From controlling computers, manufacturing machines with gestures to AI based behavior recognition pattern. We can even tell you if a product coming down the assembly line hasn't been painted properly. We offer custom solutions to fix your problem.

Engineered Solutions

We love a challenge and thrive on them. Give us a problem to solve and we'll tell you what solutions would fix it.

Industries We Currently Serve

Developing machine learning algorithms, large datasets, and improving operational efficieny, our solutions are used in the following industries.

Law Enforcement



Scientific Research